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Our mission is to transform every workplace and catalyze a new era of dynamic organizations where all workers thrive. Charter does this by bridging research to practice – giving people the tactical playbook for what work can and should be.

Charter is a next-generation media and insights company. We publish a free email newsletter, original research, and articles about work on TIME.com. Charter Pro is a premium membership that supports owners of the people agenda in executing their highest-value initiatives, quickly. We also host events for workplace decision-makers and work with organizations directly.

"It's essential knowledge and has quickly become my weekly must-read. [Charter] tells me how to make sense of it all, and how to succeed."

Charles Duhigg

Author of 'The Power of Habit'
"This newsletter has insight every single time. I've been happy to recommend it to others."

Maia Ervin

Chief People Officer at JUV Consulting
"Many publications trying to own the future of work recycle the same burnout stories. There are far larger stories to be told beneath the surface that are about organizational design, business models, tech and more. I like the approach Charter is taking."

Brian Morrissey

Founder of The Rebooting

What we do

Charter offers in-depth coverage of the modern workplace, actionable research and journalism on best practices for leaders, a premium membership for owners of the talent agenda, and hands-on advisory services. We’re a trusted partner to individuals and organizations of all sizes for navigating their most urgent workplace challenges.

Our approach is to bridge research to practice – providing guidance rigorously grounded in findings by Charter’s researchers and others. Through our daily reporting, we uncover the most forward-thinking work in the field and through our original research, we continuously push the conversation forward. As a result, we bring answers to the biggest work-related questions and help our readers, members, and clients see around corners to what’s ahead.

Charter Pro is a vital partner in building a better future of work.

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Who we are

We are proven leaders at the intersection of business, talent, research, and journalism—and we are obsessed with reimagining workplaces for the future.

Charter’s co-founders have led teams of hundreds of people in navigating periods of intense organizational and sectoral change. Charter is the resource that they wished they had along the way.

The company was started in 2020 as a newsletter by Kevin Delaney, a former Wall Street Journal managing editor and co-founder of Quartz, who was joined by co-founders Erin Grau, former head of people and culture at Away and head of transformation at The New York Times, and Jay Lauf, co-founder of Quartz and former publisher of The Atlantic and Wired. In 2022, a number of institutions and individuals invested in Charter with the goal of further expanding its impact.

Our exceptional, experienced team includes leaders from the technology and media industries, with both consumer and business-to-business expertise. Get to know us below.

Jacob Clemente

Charter Pro Journalist

Daniele Codega

Product Design

Kevin Delaney

CEO & Editor in Chief

Kevin Delaney

Massella Dukuly

Head of Workplace Strategy

Emily Goligoski

Head of Research

Erin Grau

Co-founder and COO

Sarah Janowsky

Head of Business Operations

Yitz Jordan

Front-End Lead Engineer

Jay Lauf

Co-Founder and President

Daniel Lee

Director of Design

Tyler Love

Partnerships Associate

Cari Nazeer

Managing Editor

Alisha Patel

Head of Media

Michelle Peng

Reporter and ESG Associate

Bryan Plescia

Director of Partnerships

Sam Williams

Director of Engineering

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We are a fast-growing team of workplace change-makers. Interested in partnering or working with us? Reach out to the relevant contact below—or get in touch at hi@charterworks.com and we’ll connect you to the best person to help.

Our Partners

Charter works with leaders and organizations in a number of ways to meet their goals.

Growth and Engagement: Through our sponsor and partnerships programs, we work with best-in-class organizations aiming to reach workplace decision-makers to market brands, products, or services. Our content-led approach ensures unique impact for marketers.

Workplace Impact: Through Charter Pro, we help CHROs and other executives stay ahead of and navigate the most pressing challenges facing today’s organizations. Our premium membership will help you envision and execute your talent agenda.

Specific Challenges: Through our advisory engagements and workshops, we work with select organizations to navigate specific workplace challenges, including hybrid working, talent strategy, change-making, and executive alignment.