In our first briefing on “The AI Mandate for HR” we laid out frameworks for addressing what artificial intelligence means from a talent lens.

With this second strategy briefing memo, we’re giving you a roadmap for the most urgent tasks to tackle. Throughout this series, we’re encouraging you to lead a structured, people-centered approach to the adoption of AI tools. Our frameworks are rooted in research and the key practices of change management.

In the pages of this briefing you’ll find a four-point framework for tackling the most urgent areas for HR around the introduction of AI to the workplace.

At Charter, we’re supporting HR leaders’ strategic leadership on AI and work, equipping them to own the redefinition of jobs and establishment of planning, policies, and culture around this far-reaching technology shift. Our expertise is rooted in the latest academic and business research and our reporting on the emerging best practices across leading organizations.

You can contact us directly at to talk about how to adapt your organization to the changing world of AI, and follow along with our upcoming AI strategy briefing memos, all designed to get you everything you need to know for 2024 planning. You can download the first briefing, "The AI Mandate for HR." Over the coming weeks, we'll also be covering:

  • AI Wave One
  • The HR Function in an AI World
  • The Employer-Value Proposition Post-AI

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