Tera Allas and Bill Schaninger of McKinsey on 'better bosses'

We spoke with Tera Allas, director of Research and Economics at McKinsey, and Bill Schaninger, senior partner at McKinsey, during our Return to Workplace Summit. You can watch the video of the session above. Among some of the takeaways from Allas and Schaninger, who were in conversation with Charter's Kevin Delaney:

- To be a good boss, be kind, be positive, thank people, and look after yourself. Above all, “focus on building trust,” said Allas.”When you start thinking about that word trust and what goes into it, it has all of the qualities that you'd want in your workplace.”

- Don’t rush employees back to their desks. “You don't need to do it,” said Schaninger. “You've just had an experience of [remote work] working—acknowledge that.”

Tera Allas, Bill Schaninger and Kevin Delaney