“I would say with great confidence: I have never heard anyone say they haven’t become a better executive serving on a board,” Coco Brown, a board member at ArcherPoint and an insights council member at Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence, told Charter Pro reporter Jacob Clemente at a February Charter Cortado.

Brown, founder and CEO of the Athena Alliance, an executive education company, noted that for CHROs, having a seat on an organization’s board of directors comes with twofold benefits: It’s a career-advancing step on its own, but it’s also a perspective-taking exercise that enriches the CHRO role. “You as a CHRO are engaging with your own board, but that’s one point of view,” she said. “If you serve on another board, you’re actually sitting in that domain, and learning what it’s like to be those people in the boardroom.”

In the same way, cultivating strong relationships with your own board is both a means and an end in itself, providing valuable opportunities to build your network while enabling you to operate more strategically as a member of your leadership team.

In this guide, which collates Charter Pro’s reporting on HR leaders and corporate boards, you’ll hear from experts with a variety of experiences inside and outside of the boardroom. Download it here for insights on how to position yourself as a resource to a board of directors, how to use them as a resource in your own work, and how to join their ranks.

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