We’re excited to announce that several new colleagues have joined Charter to work with us in our mission of transforming every workplace and build on the growing momentum of our business. Their joining will enable Charter to continue to expand and deepen our offerings for users, and signals our ongoing investment in business strategy, content development, and design and user experience.

Cari Romm Nazeer is now Charter’s managing editor, joining the recent additions to Charter’s team of Ari Curtis as design director and Alisha Patel as chief of staff.

Cari comes to Charter from Medium, where she was a founding editor of Forge, its personal development magazine, and served as part of Medium’s content leadership team. She earlier worked at New York Magazine as an associate editor for the Science of Us health and psychology vertical. Cari also was assistant science editor at The Atlantic, where she edited award-winning feature journalism. She has a master’s degree from the Columbia School of Journalism. Her responsibilities as managing editor include overseeing our editorial staff and the content for our email newsletter, website, and new partnership with TIME.

Ari joined Charter from Purpose, where she was associate creative director. Prior to that Ari was a designer and art director at The Atlantic, where she led creative for its brand marketing arm, art directed and designed sponsor content, and led internal branding efforts for Atlantic Re:think.  She co-founded the Token newsletter and earlier was a design lead at Colorado State University. Ari’s responsibilities as design director include overseeing the design of Charter’s brand, product, user experience, events, and marketing materials and overseeing our collaborative design process and design resources.

Alisha joined Charter following the completion of her MBA at Stanford. She earlier was a director at Institutional Investor, where she led their subscription events business, and worked at Bloomberg in financial product sales and analytics. She also spent part of last year alongside business school working on a community tech startup called Common Room. Her responsibilities as chief of staff include modeling and building our subscription business, developing strategy for premium businesses and sponsorship opportunities including events, and leading other company-wide initiatives that bolster our impact on the future of work.

We’re excited to have Ari, Cari, and Alisha as partners in building Charter as a dynamic and equitable organization. We’re aware that the early employees of any new company are essential for establishing the culture and ambitions of the organization, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for Ari, Cari, and Alisha to be part of that.

Cari’s arrival comes as Charter embarks on an expansion wave. We last week announced a new column by S. Mitra Kalita as part of a broad content partnership with TIME. We’re hosting a Workplace Summit event on Nov. 9 and Nov. 10. And we have much more to come. (If you yourself want to join us on this journey, send a note to careers@charterworks.com)

Thanks for your support, and please join us in welcoming Ari, Cari, and Alisha.

Kevin Delaney, Erin Grau, Jay Lauf