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The workplace has arguably changed more in the last two years than in the last two decades. The old playbooks for building a nimble, inclusive, and visionary organization are no longer relevant. As shaping and executing the talent agenda becomes a top priority of the c-suite, CHROs and CPOs are more vital to the success of their organizations than ever before.

At this year’s Charter Workplace summit, we asked: How can leaders of the talent agenda leverage this moment to create workplaces that will thrive in this new, dynamic paradigm? As conversations unfolded onstage, attendees answered with their own tactics, questions, and frameworks for navigating the year ahead.

This playbook, which captures those ideas as well as the insights of our speakers, is meant to serve as a practical guide for some of this moment’s thorniest challenges. We look forward to seeing how you put it to use to shape the talent agenda for 2023.

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