June 29, 2022

Charter Skills Accelerator with LifeLabs Learning

Made possible by Brandlive

We’re excited to announce the Skills Accelerator event series, a free series of interactive workshops from LifeLabs Learning supported by and hosted on the Brandlive platform. The series will train you on the small changes that make the biggest impact for your team and organization as we embrace the future of work. Our first workshop is on Leading Change: How to get people excited - yes, excited - about change. Stay tuned for our other events in this series coming up later this year that will help you make a positive impact on your team and organization. Whether it’s how to optimize your meetings or how to model and amplify inclusive behaviors, we want to hear from you on what topics you’d like to see covered in future events.

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Past Events

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November 9 & 10, 2021 The Charter Workplace Summit: What kind of leader do I need to be now?

June 22, 2021 The Return to Workplace Summit

June 20, 2021 What Are the New Norms of Hybrid Work

May 26, 2021 Navigating the Return to the Workplace