Betsy Bula of GitLab as a case study in remote work

We spoke with Betsy Bula, all-remote evangelist at GitLab, during our Return to Workplace Summit. You can watch the video of the session above. Among some of the takeaways from Bula, who was in conversation with Time's John Simons:

- Document your organization’s practices. GitLab has a searchable company handbook that would stretch to almost 14,000 pages if printed out detailing company practices, and the decision-making that led to them. That way, if a manager isn’t working the same hours as a team member, “they're not the single source of failure,” said Bula. “It's about managing processes instead of people. If you've set out these processes, your people should be able to act accordingly whether you're online or not to answer their questions.”

- Institute ‘friends and family days.’ GitLab gives staff an extra weekday off each month to do something outside of their work and recharge.

Betsy Bula and Kevin Delaney