We’re approaching a time of year when many organizations opt to shut down for a few days. For some companies, the holidays aren’t the only time to give a company-wide break. Companies like Hootsuite, Spotify, and Hubspot collectively unplug for a whole week at different times of the year. Other companies, like Adobe, scatter their company-wide well-being days.

These employee wellness days (or well-being days, or mental-health days, depending on the organization) serve a different need from regular paid time off. The appeal is that if everyone—even the boss—takes off, employees won’t feel pressured to work, and they won’t return to full inboxes. If your employee engagement surveys indicate a rise in employee stress or you’ve noticed that employees aren’t taking their PTO, then mandating wellness days may be one way to provide some relief. Here’s how to make sure that they’re serving their purpose of giving workers a chance to truly unplug.


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