Jacob here. One suggested use case for generative artificial intelligence has been to write job posts. In a recent blog post, Kieran Snyder, the co-founder and CEO of linguistics software company Textio, documented what happened when she put ChatGPT’s writing chops to the test: The chatbot’s job posts weren’t only boring, but they also became increasingly biased, particularly with regard to race and age, as Snyder started giving it more specific prompts.

This got me thinking about all of the different best practices for writing job posts that chatbots like ChatGPT may not be incorporating. Research shows that the specific words used in job posts influence the type of people who want to apply for a given job.

To better understand how companies should write their job posts to attract a wide range of qualified candidates, I spoke with Jordana Heller, Textio’s director of engineering—and after, asked if we could test out Textio on the listing Charter used for my job. You can watch a video of that process here (spoiler: Textio found room for improvement).


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