Katie Burke on HubSpot as a case study in hybrid work

We spoke with Katie Burke, chief people officer at HubSpot, during our Return to Workplace Summit. You can watch the video of the session above. Among the takeaways from Burke, who was in conversation with Joanne Lipman:

- Leave “hustle culture” behind. “To everyone who says, ‘I don't know if you're hustling if you're not in the office,’ I would say I actually don't want you to hustle, crush it, burn yourself out,” explained HubSpot’s Katie Burke. “Hustle and burnout culture and the proximity bias are not isolated issues. They're in fact interrelated assumptions that I think belong in the past, not the future.”

- Tap into “returners” to fill your employee ranks. These are people who took a break from the workforce for caregiving responsibilities or other reasons. “Returnships for people that have been out of the workforce are huge and an untapped market,” said Burke.

Katie Burke and Joanne Lipman