With five generations now working side by side for the first time, and a rising number of Millennial and Gen Z managers, diversity of age is the norm in many teams and organizations. But as emerging leaders continue to challenge old ways of working and organizations become ever more future-focused, it’s not enough for employers to focus their efforts on supporting multigenerational workforces.

Instead, the key to improving collaboration, promoting mutual understanding, and helping workers thrive at every stage is to focus on building intergenerational cultures. Doing so means supporting emerging leaders and managers of all ages to support multigenerational teams, designing learning and development programs that recognize that we all have something to learn and something to teach, building benefits packages that reflect individual values and needs, and building dynamic cultures that encourage mutual understanding and respect.

Throughout this playbook, you’ll find anecdotes, data, and tactical advice that will help you accomplish each of these tasks, based on conversations with researchers and practitioners, as well as original research from Charter. We hope it will help leaders equip their multigenerational workforces to build and sustain intergenerational cultures.