The movement for pay transparency is growing stronger. On November 1, New York City will become the most populous jurisdiction in the US to require salary information in all job postings. At the beginning of 2023, when similar laws go into effect in Washington and California, a fifth of all workers nationwide will be covered under pay-transparency legislation.

Whether you’re adopting pay transparency to comply with a new law or simply looking to adopt it within your workplace, one thing remains true: Any employer looking to implement pay- transparency policies needs a plan for how they talk about compensation with their employees. This playbook, released three weeks before New York City’s legislation takes effect, is designed to guide people leaders through that process week by week. Each section starts with a guiding question and includes tactical advice, best practices, and tools like templates, scripts, and reflection activities to help you craft a compensation strategy that’s equitable, transparent, and fair.

You can view and download a free PDF copy of the playbook: