It’s hard to find someone who likes performance reviews. Publications are full of headlines like “Performance Reviews Suck, Here's What We Do Instead,” “Get Rid of the Performance Review!,” and, more colorfully, “Annual Job Review Is 'Total Baloney,' Expert Says.”

This doesn’t have to be the case. While many organizations conducted fewer performance reviews or halted them altogether during the peak of the pandemic, they are now getting back to business, offering human-resources leaders the chance to make a once-dreaded process better than before.

In this guide, which collates Charter Pro’s reporting on performance-review best practices, we bridge research to practice to help you do just that. Part 1 focuses on organization-wide, structural changes to your review process to root out bias and ensure fairness. Part 2 drills down on the conversations themselves, with expert insights for making 1:1 feedback discussions maximally productive for all involved.


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