Many of our Charter Pro members use their company’s professional development budget to expense their membership. If you’d like to request that your employer sponsor your membership, here’s a template you can use:

Hi [manager] -

I’d like to expense Charter Pro, a media and insights platform building stronger people leaders for this new era of work. Charter is focused on the most critical priorities facing organizations and leaders today, and this membership will allow me to:

  • Learn from experts in AI, flexible work, and equity
  • Quickly and confidently implement customizable tools, templates, and benchmarks
  • Connect with leaders at live events and virtual workshops
  • Drive business impact with essential analysis
  • Stay ahead of critical workplace issues

Here are some examples of Charter’s actionable insights and research-based best practices: intergenerational fluencyusing AI in ways that enhance inclusion, and navigating economic uncertainty with organizational values intact.

I also believe [our organization] will benefit from my Pro membership because:

  • Continuous skill building can help meet our evolving organizational and departmental needs
  • Developing leaders results in higher performance and engagement
  • New insights and ideas will energize our thinking and help us stay competitive
  • We’re focused on making the right decisions about flexibility, inclusion, AI, and other critical workplace questions

At $299 for the year, a Charter Pro membership provides unmatched value. I’m excited to take my learning from Pro into my team to [e.g. support our performance reviews and recognition practices].

Thanks so much for considering!