How to redesign offices for hybrid work with NYU's Fayard and Gensler's Lisimachio

We spoke with Anne-Laure Fayard, associate professor of Innovation, Design, and Organizational Studies at NYU, and Laurent Lisimachio, design director and Principal, Gensler, during our Return to Workplace Summit. You can watch the video of the session above. Among the takeaways from Fayard and Lisimachio, who were in conversation with Joanne Lipman:

- Don’t rush to give up office real estate. “The need for more amenities, childcare, wellness, more meeting space, more conferencing, coworking space, all of these things that we are in the middle of exploring may very well compensate for a lesser need for individual office space,” said Lisimachio. “We might in fact need more space with these new ways of working,” added Fayard. She said that some companies she’s spoken with recently have even been discussing bringing clients to work with them in their offices.

- Think of offices as more flexible spaces. They’ll need to accommodate meetings, individual work, and also more informal interactions like those you have around a coffee machine, said Fayard. “Offices in this new world will certainly have to adapt to not only the lessons that we have learned over the past year, but also to an unknown future,” added Lisimachio.

Anne-Laure Fayard, Laurent Lisimachio and Joanne Lipman