This is an opportunity to transform how your company works for the long term.

The stakes are high: A plan without clear goals and guiding principles will exacerbate existing issues and leave your organization less productive, more burned out, and in danger of losing more good people. As many of our interviews with workplace experts have highlighted, the pitfalls are many and they are complex.

All of which means that it’s important to be intentional every step of the way. What will the office mean to your organization going forward? What are the new norms and shared expectations today, and how might they change in the near future? How can you best avoid confusion—or worse, exclusion and inequality—in this complex time?

The Reset Work package

We provide research and experience-based best practices to help you shape beliefs and priorities for the present and future of your organization, and we equip you with proven tools and frameworks that will help you implement lasting change. Our offerings include:

Company-wide Webinar
Orient your team around the latest data, insights, and research-based best practices on how to make hybrid work work.
Return to Workplace Workshop
Despite the impact of Omicron, it's not too early to begin developing a framework for reopening, or to learn how to incorporate the past year’s lessons into new models of work and management.
Advisory and Leadership Coaching
Get support on return-to-workplace planning and internal communication, strategy development, and effective execution.
Return to Workplace Toolkit
Get practical guidance for navigating your return and additional guidance for each of the first four weeks of your return, whenever you're ready to go back.
Hybrid Workforce Management Certification
Learn both the big picture and the day-to-day details of hybrid workforce management.

Our expertise

Our network of researchers, academics, and business leaders gives us an acute understanding of the most common challenges for organizations as they navigate this moment of transition—and how to avoid them. Our founding team has direct experience leading people and teams through volatility, and we’re uniquely qualified to support you in your work.

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