Will managers be able to pull it off? For more findings, you can download the full survey report.

We recently surveyed the people deciding how organizations will return to their workplaces after the pandemic subsides in the US.

You can view and download a free PDF copy of the survey results:

A few highlights:

  • Most organizations that have decided will opt for a hybrid arrangement, with employees in the office two to three days each week and returning by the end of September.
  • Just half of respondents are confident in their company’s return to workplace plan, and only 33% said their company is ready—that they’re prepared and have the resources—to successfully navigate returning to the office.
  • Decision-makers’ biggest concern is training and support for managers to successfully make the shift to new ways of working.
  • About three-quarters of the respondents are very focused on recruiting strategies and processes as part of their return-to-workplace plan. A majority are also evaluating their employee retention efforts in conjunction as well.

Our report also includes recommendations for related best practices to consider.

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