We convened some of the top researchers and business leaders for the half-day Return to Workplace Summit on June 22. In this downloadable document, you’ll find selections from their presentations and conversations with our journalist moderators that we think are most uniquely valuable. We’ve included remarks from the following speakers:

  • Nicholas Bloom: Employee choice in remote, hybrid, and flexible work
  • Betsy Bula: Building culture and preparing managers in a remote workplace
  • Tera Allas and Bill Schaninger: How to lead through this moment
  • Katie Burke: Proximity bias, hustle culture, and burnout in hybrid workplaces
  • Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey and Massella Dukuly: Promoting equity, psychological safety, and trust in hybrid workplaces
  • Anne-Laure Fayard and Laurent Lisimachio: What should the office of the future look like?

You can view and download a free PDF copy of the survey results: