Growth and Resilience

This new era of work will bring unexpected change in the future as well. Here are tools to equip yourself and your team to better thrive going forward.

  • Enable you to effectively manage uncertainty and lead through change
  • Equip you with skills and research-based best practices to help you create stability when things are unstable, and clarity when things are ambiguous
  • Help your team turn adversity into advantage

Written By Erin Grau

Throughout this toolkit, we’ve acknowledged the burnout, challenges, and loss suffered throughout the pandemic. But we’re not just going back to work; we’re going forward. This final guide provides additional tools for continued growth and resilience as you move into this new era of work, and will equip you to better thrive and navigate future unexpected change.

We need resilience and hope and a spirit that can carry us through the doubt and fear. We need to believe that we can effect change if we want to live and love with our whole hearts.”

Brené Brown
Author and researcher

There’s a phenomenon that happens for almost half of trauma survivors: they grow from the experience and find a greater appreciation of life, stronger relationships, increased compassion, greater awareness and utilization of personal strengths, and new possibilities or purpose in life. Post-traumatic growth isn’t just something that happens to individuals; societies can experience such growth after communal trauma, like after the 9/11 terror attacks and earthquakes. And pandemics.



The five-day checklist

As you embark on this final week of the toolkit, here’s a checklist for how to tackle the key things you should do. By the end of the week, you’ll have some useful tools for helping your team navigate future unexpected changes, and for anchoring your work in learning and purpose.

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