We’re excited to announce a new chapter for Charter, with additions to our team, research capabilities, and product offerings made possible by our first funding round, which has raised $3 million.

This expansion will allow us to better equip owners of the talent agenda to navigate the challenges right in front of them, while building fair and dynamic workplaces for the long term.

That’s what we set out to do when we launched Charter last year, and since then we’ve heard from hundreds of people about their biggest challenges, and we’ve worked with a number of organizations directly. This fall we plan to launch a new insights platform called Charter Pro designed to meet the acute needs that many organizations have for a trusted partner around the talent agenda. At the core there will be data-driven insights, real-time intelligence, original research, and on-demand advisory support—you can sign up now to be eligible for membership as we get closer to launch.

We also plan to continue growing what we’ve done from the start: the newsletter, interviews, articles, and events that we produce ourselves and with partners including TIME, The Information, and MIT Technology Review. There are now about 70,000 executives, HR professionals, and workplace change-agents who subscribe to our flagship newsletter. These people consistently tell us that Charter helps them make smarter decisions and drive transformation at their organizations.

We’re in the process of expanding our team to pursue this mission. We are excited to share that Emily Goligoski is joining us as head of research, Sarah Janowsky is our new head of business operations, and Yitz Jordan is our lead front-end engineer. We have additional openings in research, product, and editorial that you can see here.

This expansion is made possible by the commitments of a number of institutional investors committed to a better world of work, including Bloomberg Beta, Precursor Ventures, The Fund, and Old Town Media. Individual investors in Charter include tech entrepreneur David Friend, venture capitalist Daniel Gulati, and media and communications executives and thought leaders David and Katherine Bradley, Nik Deogun, Charles Duhigg, Jessica Lessin, Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson, and Marcy Simon.

We’re grateful for their confidence in our efforts to become the media and insights company for owners of the talent agenda, and for sharing our mission to transform every workplace.

We thank you for your support as well over the past year, and invite you to work more closely with us—as a member, partner, sponsor, or team member—in this coming chapter. You can reach us directly at hi@charterworks.com

Kevin Delaney, Erin Grau, Jay Lauf
Charter co-founders