November 9 & 10, 2021

The Charter Workplace Summit: What kind of leader do I need to be now?

We are amid a workplace revolution. The old playbooks for management—from motivation to meetings—are no longer relevant. Join us as top researchers and organizational leaders discuss best practices for the new era of business. This thought-provoking summit will address the most important and challenging questions that organizations face: how to best organize work using flexible and hybrid approaches, how to build a culture of growth and empowerment, how to ensure inclusion and equity in the workplace, and how the “future of work” can become actionable rather than aspirational.

Angel Acosta, Nicholas Bloom, Charles Bonello, Lauren Smith Brody, Trier Bryant, Stewart Butterfield, Tim Cadogan, Edith Cooper, Christin Drake, Sarah Stein Greenberg, Sara Haines, S. Mitra Kalita, Meredith Kopit Levien, Joanne Lipman, Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, Anne Raimondi, Kausik Rajgopal, LeeAnn Renninger, Ryan Rolansky, Bill Schaninger, Kim Scott, John Simons, Vanessa Tanicien, Jordan Taylor, Michael Tennant, Derek Thompson, Lauren Wadsworth, Brooke Weddle, Jacqueline M. Welch, Erin Grau, Kevin Delaney
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