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Here’s how this works: Once a week, we’ll send you an email with our research, recommended reading, and one manageable step to take to get started with conducting retros at work. In one month, you’ll learn how to use a remote retro tool based on our independent reviews, facilitate a productive reflection meeting, and work with your team to make improvements to your process or product.

Now that you know why retros are a good investment of your team’s time, you’re ready to choose a tool that will help you facilitate a productive retrospective meeting. Our recommended retro tools were Parabol and EasyRetro.

Choose Parabol if:

  • You’d like more hand-holding from the tool to facilitate the retro.
  • You have a team that is more open to creative and fun ways to discuss ideas together, and perhaps have younger participants who are well-informed on digital tools and emoji use.

Choose EasyRetro if:

  • You have a more straight-laced business environment with collaborators who want to get down to business quickly and without a lot of frills.
  • You prefer a streamlined interface that displays the whole process on one board.

This week, take a manageable step toward bringing retrospectives to your team:

  • Sign up for a free Parabol or EasyRetro account to prepare for your retro.
  • Tip: Consider signing up for both to see which look and feel might be a better fit for your team and work environment.

Next week, we’ll suggest templates and questions to ask during the retro.